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We would like to list the advantages of our Additives:

The additives come in a sealable packaging.

Our additives are pure, not diluted and of the best quality.

The available flavours are already tested by our team and have proven themselves in the past.

With additives you can provide your hookbait with extra attractors that make it work extremely well.

Perfectly usable in a difficult fishery when extra food stimulants are desired.

The additives can also be combined with our liquids, groundbaits, pastes, readymades,...

Discover our wide range of additives.

One of the many advantages of additives is that you can personalise your bait and give it extra taste and smell. In this way the instant character of your hookbait is greatly enhanced. Treated baits will be found and perceived faster. We have the products you are looking for! Our staff has combined their knowledge and experience to bring some high quality additives to the market.

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