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Boilies - Readymades

Why use Dreambaits Readymades?

We do not conserve with acids, we conserve with MPG.

This preservative contains no extra odour or aftertaste and is very water-soluble. Due to the absence of acidic preservatives, carp accept it more readily, both in the long term and instant. Due to the high water solubility of the preservatives, the bait is more attractive and the flavours and aromas spread faster and more evenly through the water.


We do not work with chemical colourings, only with natural colourings or without.

Chemical colourings contain a lot of flavour, these flavours are very recognisable to fish. We have done tests with boilies without chemical colourings and these were tested better by the fish. Not only is the taste of the dyes not present, but the flavours present in the boilie are also much better. Of course the health of the carp is also of great importance to our company, the (small) percentage of chemical colorants we like to leave out in this respect as well. Since 2020, Dreambaits has chosen not to use any chemical colorants anymore.


We process D-Cell in all our products.

Dreambaits is the exclusive distributor of D-Cell throughout Europe. What is D-Cell? D-Cell is responsible for the resistance and health of the fish. D-Cell has no influence on the baiting behaviour of fish, but in the long run a healthy fish will eat more and therefore be able to catch more. We therefore have a positive footprint in angling with our baits.


We have a clear range with a limited number of flavours.

A range that can be used in all circumstances throughout the year. 


We offer our Readymades in 12, 15, 20 and 25mm in 1 and 3kg packs. 12mm is only available in 1kg packs and we also have a complement of Dips, Flavoursprays, Paste, Pop-Ups, Wafters, Bagmixes and Mini Boilies in these flavours.


Below you can find our Readymades, with accompanying explanation.