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D-Cell Pellets

These pellets have been specially developed for water and fish stock management.

D-Cell pellets are made to get a higher return than from traditional pellets in the first place.


These contain a bond so they do not dissolve and so every pellet fed is consumed.

These are very rich so significantly less needs to be fed than a standard rearing pellet.

They contain D-Cell which guarantees the health and recovery of the fish.

Using our feeding schedule, you can quickly calculate the quantity of D-Cell pellets required daily.


The D-CELL pellets are a composite pellet for feeding and maintaining fish throughout the year.


The pellets are composed of Soybean meal, toasted soybeans, is oil, wheat flour, corn gluten, fish meal, sodium chloride, haemoglobin, D-CELL premix, gua flour and antioxidants: citric acid (E330) 50mg/kg and propyl gallate (E310) 47.5mg/kg.

The pellets contain 35% crude protein, 19% crude fat, 9.5% crude ash, 2.5% crude fibre, 0.59% Phosphorus, 4.2gr/kg Calcium, 21.1gr/kg Sodium.


D-Cell pellets are very attractive and already naturally sink.

They also absorb water, liquids and additives to the core thanks to their absorbent capacity.