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Method- en Stickmix

We would like to list the advantages of our Groundbait, method & stickmix:

The bag- and stickmix is packed in 1kg packs which are easy to reseal thanks to the design.

The bag- and stickmix is designed to ensure the clouding of the feed and also the spreading in all water layers.

The bag and stick mix is designed to create an optimal response and effect. This will attract carp but also other species of fish making them less suspicious of baiting.

Each bagmix has its own unique composition, taste and smell. This composition is made up of an attractive base based on the unique composition of the corresponding boilie/readymade, supplemented with ingredients that optimise the vertical action in all water layers and optimise the release of the added flavours for a rapid response.

Each flavour is also available in paste, boilies readymades, pop-ups, mini boilies, dips, wafters, flavour...

How do I use the Bag and Stickmix?

The bag and stickmix can be prepared with a dash of dip and diluted with water or minamino+ until a solid and not too wet mass is obtained. Repeat this process if necessary and you're done.

For use in the method we recommend to adjust the amount of dip according to your needs, for use as groundbait it is best to replace the dip with a suitable flavour spray in combination with water or Minamino+.

Do you have any questions for the Dreambaits Team?

You can reach us through our social media, mail to or fill out the contact form. We are at your service and will help you on your way to the ultimate fishing experience.