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Pop Ups

We would like to list the advantages of our Pop-Ups:

The pop-ups are provided with extra liquid attractors that make them extremely attractive.

Our fluo Pop-Ups have the best flavours, tested in aquaria and proven in practice.

The pop-ups are chod-proof and have a minimum buoyancy of 48 hours...

The Pop-Ups are available in 12mm and 15mm.

We offer an extensive range in line with our boilierange, but also an extension with different colours and flavours.

Pop-ups, which can be fluorescent, are used worldwide when carp fishing, and that is not without reason. Their very high buoyancy offers different possibilities for your bait presentation.


Tempting (fluo) pop-ups for carp

The pop-ups you can order in our online shop have been luring carp for decades. They are therefore an ideal weapon to use when you are on the waterfront. Fluorescent pop-ups are also more visible to carp than regular pop-ups and baits and they have the most attractive flavours and colours.


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