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Buckwheat dry

Buckwheat is partly comparable to hemp and has some unique advantages. Buckwheat consists of 10.4% protein, 72.6% carbohydrates and 1.7% fat. Because of the carbohydrates, buckwheat is a source of energy and therefore extremely suitable for spring fishing. In terms of germination, this product is similar to hemp. The shape is different, because buckwheat has the shape of a triangle and therefore looks very much like a mussel.

When buckwheat is in the cooking water for a while, it starts to ooze a lot. This is very similar to the mucus that occurs after cooking tiger nuts. Do not throw this liquid away, it is perfect for creating a groundbait or stickmix.

Due to the high crunch effect and small size, this product is the perfect basis for a bait. Easy to combine with other particles such as hemp, buckwheat, corn, tiger nuts...
Available in 20kg bags, dry packed.

Preparation: soak for 24 hours under water, cook for 10/20min with any added additives.