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Method- en Stickmix

Choquita Groundbait

The Choquita bag and stick mix is designed to ensure the clouding of the bait and also the spreading in all water layers. This dry mix is made up of an attractive base containing the unique composition of Choquita; a high-fibre and fast-digesting bait.


The bag and stick mix can be prepared with a dash of Choquita dip and diluted with water or minamino+ until a solid and not too wet mass is obtained. Repeat this process if necessary and you're done.

For use in the method, we recommend that you adjust the amount of dip as desired, for use as Groundbait it is best to replace the dip with the Choquita spray in combination with water or Minamino+.


Also available in paste, boilies ready mades, pop-ups, mini boilies, dips, wafters, flavour.