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D-Cell boilies

D-Cell E Readymades

In the D-Cell E variant, no fishmeal is included in the composition; it has been replaced by black soldier fly meal, which means that this variant has a positive ecological footprint. 

Furthermore, the D-Cell E is built the same as our normal D-Cell Boilies, only the nutritional values differ minimally. 

D-Cell boilies are made to initially achieve a higher return than from traditional pellets. Please note that our D-Cell pellets we offer are already made with an extra binder so that they dissolve less quickly. But to take it one step further, we have created D-Cell Boilies. Since they are boilies, they do not dissolve and they decay like regular boilies. They contain no flavours. The boilie is constructed in such a way that it serves to optimise the health and growth of the carp. There are three different supplements added to which the best known is D-Cell + but also Marcograd and Forte 5 are not missing and therefore this bait contains vitamins A, D3, E, K3, B1, B2, B6, N12, PP and iron, zinc, manganese, mehionium and iodine and Spirulina.

Furthermore, there is a considerable amount of high quality black soldier-fly meal and soya to bring the protein to a high level. There are also some flours to improve digestion, Brocacel to increase the attraction and Betaine to increase the appetite. In short, a bait that is well balanced for its purpose.

The boilies are perfect to use in combination with our D-cell pellets, allowing you to increase the amount of feed and reduce costs.

(Prices for companies on request)

Values of the bait
30,38 % Protein 
8.31 % Fat
57,70 % Carbohydrates
3.16 % Ash