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D-Cell Pellets

D-Cell Micro Pellets

D-Cell micropellets are 3mm pellets that naturally sink and these absorb water, liquids and additives to the core. 


They contain binder which makes them less likely to dissolve than traditional pellets, therefore maintaining attractiveness longer in a soft pellet. 


Ideal for use in Method or Feeder baskets (soak for 3 minutes and let rest for a while) or for supplementary feeding during Match fishing. Also for static carp fishing it can be used in combination with boilies or particles, due to its small diameter it will keep fish on the site longer and make them more eager to bait.


These do not contain fishmeal so they are less likely to saturate, yet the pellet has a very attractive base so it will also attract fish 'naturally' and keep them on the swim.


Protein: 35%
Fat: 19%
Ash: 9.5%
Cellulose: 2.5%.