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D-Cell Pellets

D-Cell Pellets Slow BreakDown

The D-CELL pellets are a composite pellet for "feeding" and maintaining fish throughout the year.
D-CELL pellets have a bond that makes them dissolve less quickly, unlike other pellets, to guarantee efficiency.
The pellets are composed of Soybean meal, toasted soybeans, fish oil, wheat flour, corn gluten, fish meal, sodium chloride, hemoglobin, D-CELL premix, guar flour and antioxidants: citric acid (E330) 50mg/kg and propyl gallate (E310) 47.5mg/kg.
The pellets contain 35% crude protein, 19% crude fat, 9.5% crude ash, 2.5% crude fiber,
0.59% Phosphorus, 4.2gr/kg Calcium, 21.1gr/kg Sodium.
D-Cell pellets are very attractive and sink naturally. They also absorb water, liquids and additives to the core thanks to their absorbent capacity.
Ideal for feeding or of course for fishing.
Available in 4.5mm, 6mm and in 16mm.
Available in 25kg bags