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D-Cell boilies

D-Cell Readymades

D-Cell boilies are made to initially achieve a higher yield than traditional pellets. Please note: our D-Cell pellets that we offer are already made with an extra binder so that they dissolve less quickly. But to go one step further, we made D-cell Boilies. Since they are boilies, they do not dissolve, and they perish like normal boilies. So you can fish perfectly with them. They contain no flavors. The boilie is constructed in such a way that it serves to optimize the health and growth of the carp. 3 different supplements have been added to this, the most famous of which is D-Cell + but Marcograd and Fish forte 5 are also included and therefore this bait contains Vitamins A, D3, E, K3, B1, B2, B6, N12, PP and Iron, zinc, manganese, mehionium and iodine and Spirulina.
Furthermore, it contains a fair amount of high-quality fishmeal and soy to bring the protein to a high level. Some flours to improve digestion are also included, as well as Brocacel to increase attraction and Betaine, which stimulates the appetite. In short, an ace that is well balanced for its purpose.

The boilies are perfect to use in combination with our D-cell pellets, allowing you to increase the amount of feed and reduce costs.

(Prices for companies on request)

Values ​​of the bait:
 31,58 % Protein
 7,56 % Fat
58,09 % Carbohydrates
2.77 % As