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Danish Blue Cheese Powder

starting at: 12.99€

Some ingredients that we get in our hands are just that little more special than others.
Danish blue cheese powder is one of them.

This cheese powder allows you to give a very different label to your bait than with fishmeal or other alternatives.
In addition, it will also improve the nutritional value, the amino acid profile and the taste in your bait.
Carp will find your bait a lot easier with this addition because of the natural 'n butyric acid content, even in cold water temperatures!
The glutamic acid and complex salt profile act as a taste enhancer and a appetite stimulator, while the bacterial enzymes (through the ripening of the cheese) promote digestion.
Danish Blue cheese powder contains 35% protein, it is very rich in essential fats and vitamin E.
Danish Blue Cheese powder is also very successful when used in groundbait, in dough and over particles.

Experimenting with this beautiful product, it is a very versatile!

Max.% To process: 10%
Protein content: 35%
Carbohydrate content: -%
Fat content: 65%
Hardening: good
Rolling properties: good
Instant-Response: very good