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Glycerol or better known as glycerin, is found in all natural fats and is released during the hydrolysis of vegetable oils for the production of Bio Diesel, among other things. Glycerine is often used as a flavour enhancer (like salt) and as an energy supplier. It is a transparent, sweet, syrupy liquid and binds easily with other liquids or flavourings.


Glycerine is often used to make dips, soaks or unique flavours.
Mix at least 20% (max 50%) glycerine with other liquids of your choice to make your own unique flavour dip/soak.
Due to the viscous nature of this product, it sticks to the bait.


Also particularly effective in boilies, groundbait, sticks, etc. as a flavour enhancer. Containing many sugars, it is a very attractive lure and is highly water-soluble. Dosage 20 - 100ml per kg bait.