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Pop Ups

Krill & Octopus

starting at: 8.99€

The Pop-up version of our ‘Krill&Octopus', which no longer needs an introduction. A bait that has caught year after year since its introduction in 2008 when Dream Baits was the first to produce a Krill based carp bait. Nowadays, this classic has been copied on numerous occasions but it has neven been equaled yet.

A combination of fishmeal, a rich amount of Krill, fish oils and a soft Octopus flavor give this boilie its distinctive high nutritional properties , its typical taste and excellent smell. The Krill&Octopus is therefore a real all-round foodbait. It attracts fewer unwanted fish species, it catches fish on all venues and it produces results instantly. Therefore, this bait is still a first choice of a lot of our team members for (long) feeding campaigns. The Krill&Octopus makes an ideal combination with our VooDoo+ in autumn.

The Krill & Octopus pop-ups have a buoyancy of at least 48 hours. They are available in the following diameters:; 12, 15 and 20mm.