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Pure Molasses Liquid


Pure molasses is an underrated product. This thick black syrup comes from the sugar processing industry. It is naturally sweet, with vitamins/minerals and is effective both as a bulk food additive in baits and for improving bait acceptance. Molasses is also rich in magnesium, calcium and manganese, these help in smooth digestion. 


This molasses is sugarcane-based, an improvement over sugarcane-based molasses due to a greater variety of sugars present. Molasses based on cane sugar is known as a staple in Rum.


Also particularly effective in ground feed, soaks, sticks, etc. Can be used to coat bait, soak or for use in feeds and bag mixes for added attraction. Due to the many sugars present a very attractive lure, very water soluble but remains a 'heavy liquid' so the attraction remains low to the bottom. Dosage 50 - 200ml per kg bait. PVA-friendly


For use in boilies, recommended dosage: 20-30ml / kg dry mix.