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Semolina has the property to add hardness to a boilie. Even after several hours in the water, the bait stays hard. Semolina is available in different grain sizes. The most used variant being the extra fine, which is around 60 mesh With a high carbohydrate content, semolina is an excellent bulk ingredient. Semolina is light yellow in color and fairly cheap. It also has a very good instant response. Semolina substitutes include maize and polenta flour. These ingredients have about the same properties and they can also be used in bulk. Only in terms of instant response, semolina is the better choice.

Max% to process: 40%
Protein content: 12.8%
Carbohydrate content: 69.3%
Fat content: 1.1%
Hardening: very good
Rolling properties: very good
Instant-Response: very good