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Hard Hookbaits & Wafters

Super Krill Hard Hookbaits

A Hard Hookbait is an extra hard, durable, sinking hookbait made with the Super Krill mix and added hardeners to perfectly match our Super Krill boilies and other products in this Range. These Hard Hookbaits are specially designed to avoid gobies, catfish, crabs, lobsters and similar unwanted species due to the durability and hardness of this hookbait. 


Our Hard Hookbaits feature extra liquid attractors that ensure that these work extremely attractively even in very cold temperatures. This makes them usable all year, all-round. The delicious aroma of a combination of the best liquids, pure Krill Hydrolysate and a flavour blend based on Monster Crab bring superior aroma and taste to these Super Krill Hard Hookbaits.


Hard Hookbaits can be fished on the hair for more than 48h and retain their attraction for a very long time, even on muddy bottoms! In the presence of undesirable species such as gobies, catfish, lobsters, ... this hookbait will remain resistant longer and you can be sure of a good bait presentation.


Super Krill Hard Hookbaits are available per 100 grams in 15 & 20mm mixed, in sealable packaging. 

Also available in boilies / ready mades, pop-ups, dips, groundbait, method mix and stick mix, wafters and flavour.