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Boilies - Readymades

Super Krill Readymades

As a trend setter, Dream Baits introduced a Krill-based bait in 2008, which has since become an established name among our customers. An instant successor was therefore a matter of course.


Never before have we gone so far in the development of a new bait. The combination of sixteen ingredients resulted in a high-quality, water-soluble and easily digestible bait. The combination of the best liquids, pure Krill Hydrolysate and a Monstercrab flavour bring a superior smell and taste. This cocktail makes the bait an instant topper. Perfect to deploy during your short sessions and even in the cold winter months, well in a lower volume to avoid saturation. Therefore, getting action on the SuperKrill requires no effort. Applied correctly on your water, it is deadly!


Available in 12, 15, 20 & 25mm. Also available in pop-ups, groundbait, method mix and stick mix, dips, wafters and flavour spray.


Composition: Crude Fiber 1.4%, Crude Fat 16.7%, Crude Ash 12.56%, Crude Protein 39.16%.

Additives: Vit A, D3, E, K3, B1, B2, B6, N12, PP, C, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Mehionium, Iodine.


Deals from 9.49€/kg:

3kg : 37.99€ = 12.66€/kg

18kg : 189.95€ = 10.55€/kg

48kg : 455.88€ = 9.49€/kg


When ordering Deals, you can mention which diameters you want in the comments. Please note the Deals are applicable to 3 kg packs only and in 15, 20 and 25mm Readymades.