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Tiger nuts dry

Tiger nuts dry

Tiger nuts contain approximately 25% fat, 30% starch and 7% protein. The fat consists mainly of unsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic acid and linoleic acid. Finally, tiger nuts are full of minerals. 

Our tiger nuts consist of various diameters mixed together, for a positive contribution to your feed.
The tiger nut is a nut that is extracted from a plant called Knolcyperus and is therefore a natural product. After preparation an irresistible nut emerges with a sweet taste and a mega crunch effect. In short, it is a true carp magnet, both instantly and in the long term. 

Due to the different sizes, this product is the perfect basis for a feeding spot. Easy to combine with other particles such as hemp, buckwheat, corn,...
Available in 12.5 kg bags, dry and vacuum packed.

Preparation: soak for 24 hours under water, cook for 45/60min with any added additives.