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Pop Ups

Voodoo+ Blue

starting at: 8.99€

The 'Voodoo +' pop-ups are identical in composition to the Ready Mades. Our VooDoo + was developed to offer a solution to venues with a lot of angling pressure and where carp are hard to catch. This bait does not include liquids or ingredients that leak from the bait and hence disperse feeding triggers into the water. As such it prevents negative stimuli, by association to a minimum. This formula also make use of a complete new protein source, which to our knowledge is not used yet in any carp bait.

The blue berry flavor deliberately has an extremely low PH, which facilitates detection of the bait. The VooDoo + bait also has a high "crunch" factor to get the attention of feeding fish that are close to your baited spot. After extensive field testing, we can conclude that this bait is both instant and it only gets better after a baiting campaign. Try the VooDoo+ also if you have been fishing the same venue for some time as this bait will likely bring some new fish in your photo album and also tench love it.

These pop-ups have a buoyancy of at least 48 hours and are available in 12, 15 and 20 mm.