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We would like to list the advantages of our Wafters:

One of the many advantages of wafters is the fact that they are lighter in weight than normal boilies. In this way the weight of the hook is efficiently compensated. Wafters float in the water, as it were. The more natural the bait, the faster the fish return to the chosen feeding spot.

The wafters are mixed in 15 and 20mm in a sealable package.

The Wafters are made of an attractive base based on the unique composition of the accompanying ready-made.

The wafters are provided with extra liquid attractors that make them extremely attractive.

A wafter is an almost weightless boilie so it can be fished in a balanced way.

Perfectly usable in a difficult fishery when fish are suspiciously biting due to high angling pressure.

Also available in paste, boilies ready mades, pop-ups, groundbait, method mix and stickmix, dips, mini boilies, flavours.   

Wafters for carpfishing

The wafters that you can order in our online shop are composed on the basis of our ready-made range. Wafters are also the ideal weapon for longer sessions and high angling pressure.


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