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D-Cell Instant Pellets

starting at: 4.99€

** New D-Cell pellets **

Everyone knows that cooking / steaming boilies greatly reduces the instant attraction. With this in mind, we have developed a quick-soluble 10mm pellet that can absorb a maximum of liquids.

This pellet is ideal for quickly pulling fish into the baited area and it can be used on its own or in combination with boilies. Also perfectly usable in combination with our mini boilies and our other pellet range that can be mounted on the hair for a more active approach!

These 10 mm pellets contain at least 30% fish meal, 12% fat, D-cell and a vitamin / mineral premix.

Prices from 2,15 euro per kg. Packed in 5 kg sealed bag

1 kg   =  3,99 euro
5 kg   = 12,50 euro     2,50/kg
25 kg =  57,50 euro    2,30/kg
50 kg =  107,50 euro  2,15/kg